About Us

Careion Tube Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian-registered Private Limited company
specializing in the field of Inspection Services, Testing Services (Conventional
NDT), Tubular Inspection & Maintenance Services, Marine Maintenance and
Inspection Services. In addition, we also provide Specialized Services such as OCTG Services, Wire Rope Testing Services , Inspection Services , Minor
Fabrication and Construction Services, Professional Technical Personnel and
Material Supplying, Load Test on Cargo Handling Unit and Lifting Equipments mostly in Kemaman , Labuan , Tok Bali , Kuantan and Pengerang .

Aim & Goals

Careion Tube Sdn. Bhd. is committed in providing a safe, independent testing and inspection services and even in potentially hazardous industrial environment, we will be your assurance to safe working execution. We shall provide professional technical services that are both economical and cost-efficient. Our last and accurate reporting system keeps you in touch with project progress and quality development. We maintain high quality services and standard that had successfully meet the expectations of our clients and associates.


  1. An Active Industrial Player On to Enriching Science, Technology and
    Innovation in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry.
  2. Careion Group as A Main Player in Upstream & Downstream
    Services and Product Provider for Local and International
  3. Complying, Adopting, Practicing and Culturing HSE & Quality On
    Every Level at All Cost
Careion Tube Sdn. Bhd. family of staff and personnel possess an advantage of a conductive, non-discriminatory working environment. They are provided with competent supervision and training, opening ample opportunity to make individual development and career advancement abound. We commend initiative and reward our staff on their proven capability. Careion Tube Sdn. Bhd. is a proven corporate citizen and we have always made every affordable actions to participate in the development of this country while at the same time prevents any environmental polluting acts to preserve them for our next generation.


  1. Transformation of Company from Private Limited to Listed Company.
  2. To Established Competent Human Capital, Strong Financial Status,
    Effectiveness of System and Strength of Asset & Facilities for Company’s
  3. To Established a Full Range of Comprehensive Training and Courses for Competent and Professional Human Capital
  4. Development in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Sector
  5. To Continuous Develop New Patent Innovation Product.

"Quality Business" Is Our Motto


We offer Consistent HSE Performance to satisfy the general and specified requirement of customers through continuous HSE Development.


We shall review all policies periodically for their suitability & Effectiveness by involving employees at all levels to achieve customer satisfaction


Careion Tube Sdn. Bhd. family of staff and personnel possess an advantage of a conductive, non-discriminatory working environment.


Careion Tube Sdn. Bhd. is a proven corporate citizen and we have always made every affordable actions to participate in the development of this country.

HSE Policy Statement

  • Careion Tube Sdn. Bhd. policy is to strive for excellence in all its activity including health, safety and environment (HSE) matters.
  • CAREION TUBE is committed to give priority to HSE
    and take every reasonable and practicable step to
    prevent, control and eliminate work that related to injury, illness, damage to property and pollution to the environment.
  • CAREION TUBE shall provide all necessary resources,
    organization and training to all levels of staffs to
    ensure competent workforce in performing our health,
    safety and environment roles and responsibilities.
  • CAREION TUBE shall ensure the facilities it design,
    builds and operates and the services it provides are in
    accordance with appropriate legal requirement and
    meet industrial best practice at all times.
  • CAREION TUBE shall ensure that contingency plans are
    in place and maintained to deal with emergencies and
    shall periodically review the health, safety and
    environment management system and practices to
    ensure continual improvement.
  • CAREION TUBE requires all its employees, who directly
    or indirectly to strictly adhere to this policy at all times to achieves “zero” accident.
Experience Worker
Years in Industry

Since the incorporation, we have successfully acquired various quality certification as a proof of our commitment of doing a ‘Quality Business‘.

1) CIDB Certificate



4) Petronas License

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